At Papa Palheta, we believe in providing holistic solutions to your coffee service program. Apart from the beans & training, we also carry a range of coffee machines, equipment and maintenance tools, with all the necessary technical support & expertise. We want you to focus on your core business while we provide you with superior support. 


Synesso is committed to fulfilling the desires of coffee enthusiasts around the world. Staying on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, Synesso strive to design the most barista friendly, dependable, and responsive equipment on the market. Each machine is handcrafted with Synesso's unique design and quality performance.

Papa Palheta is the exclusive distributor of synesso espresso machines in Singapore and Malaysia. 

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Some people consider the domestic espresso machines built by Italian company ECM in the 1980's as legendary. When Rocket Espresso purchased the rights to build those very machines, they certainly thought so. They then set about turning the legendary machines into the finest handmade espresso machines. Rocket Espresso machines had to be beautiful and made with meticulous care and attention to detail. More importantly the machines of Rocket Espresso had to be capable of producing the finest espresso.

Papa Palheta carries Rocket espresso machines for small-medium cafe/restaurant purposes. 

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MAZZER LUIGI S.R.L. was established in the 50's as a precision machine workshop and became a leader manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers. From the beginning Mazzer never changed its philosophy, oriented to precision and reliability of its coffee grinders, which led the company to be today the reference manufacturer in this sector.

Papa Palheta distributes several Mazzer grinders to match the requirements of your coffee program. 

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For over 30 years, Marco have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of perfecting the art of hot beverage making through the design and manufacture of hot water delivery systems for brewing coffee and tea. Their focus is on the quality of the products which Marco equipment produces. They have an insatiable appetite for knowledge in both product and technology. There is nothing they enjoy more than the application of this knowledge. Through their knowledge in the science and art of brewing, combined with their use of ever-advancing technology to find unique and creative solutions to meet clients' requirements and develop ever higher quality beverages.

Accessories & Maintenance Tools

Papa Palheta is also equipped to provide you with alternative brew methods from Hario, Aerobie, Incasa, Abid.
For espresso machines, we carry additional tools such as tampers, knockboxes, tamping mats & spare parts.

Machine maintenance tools are also available to keep your equipment in top shape. lastly, we provide maintenance service contracts for all espresso machines. for more information, please email us at