The C-Program is about providing you with a variety of coffees to choose from. The program will feature espresso blends, both signature and seasonal blends, together with rotating Single Origin coffees every quarter. Depending on your coffee program or your customers' preference, Papa Palheta will have a suitable coffee to offer from our catalogue.


Given the advancements in the specialty coffee industry, one fact remains - coffee was and will always be a beverage of comfort. There will always be new blends and fresh harvest from different origins that will provide new insights and trends into the industry. Papa Palheta's C-Program will always have a coffee that delivers on comfort, a blend or a single origin that you will be looking forward to drinking everyday.


As Papa Palheta continues to refresh our C-Program, we will keep you updated through online and offline channels. Expect updates via our newsletter or social media groups. Once every quarter, we will hold Unfiltered Coffee Gatherings to get in touch with our wholesale partners. Moreover, your respective Coffee Representative will be updating you as we move through the coffees within the year.

Click here to download our 2018 Season 1 C-Program.