Why should I subscribe to Must.Drink.Coffee.?
Apart from having the coffees delivered to the comfort of your home monthly, the new MDC is really about the community - you guys. Share your recipes, receive exclusive invites to tastings & buy retail products at a discounted rate every month that you're a subscriber.

For the Revolver plans, what blends will you be sending?
The Revolver subscription plan is to showcase our other espresso blends that we roast. Expect to receive the different blends from month to month. You may also receive a single origin espresso coffee.

For the Filter Twin Pack plan, what single origin coffee will you be sending?
The idea behind the Filter Twin Pack is to compare two different single origin coffees side by side. We feel that is the best way to get to know specialty coffee a little bit better. Brew one coffee using drip and one using the French press. Compare. Share. Savour.

What's your roasting and shipping schedule?
Please refer to our Roasting & Shipping page for more details.

Do you provide subscriptions outside of Singapore?
Not at the moment but stay tuned for updates for international subscriptions.

Can you grind my coffee before delivery?
We do care about the freshness of your coffee so all MDC coffees will be delivered in wholebean form. However, if you need a grinder, you will get 10% off as a subscriber on our retail products which include both manual and automatic grinders. It is always best to grind your coffee on demand. It does matter. Trust us.

Can I buy a subscription for a friend?
Of course! Coffee subscriptions are one of the best gifts to family and friends. All you need to do is to provide a their delivery address at the checkout page.