Must. Drink. Coffee., MDC for short, is our coffee subscription program. It's not just any coffee subscription program as we're getting our customers more involved this time around. We call it a community-based subscription program. Here's how it works:

Subscribe to any of our plans that suit your caffeinated needs. We have a 3 or 6 month subscription for each plan that gets you 500g of coffee per month. Yup, that's 500g all right. It's enough coffee for you to calibrate, drink, experiment or share with family and friends.

Guest Tasting Notes
We used to provide the tasting notes of the coffees for you to explore and discover. With the re-launch of MDC, expect to receive tasting notes from our friends from different yet related fields. With this approach, the tasting notes per coffee will be from a community with different experiences, palates & preference with coffee as a common ground.

Online Community
You can play a part as well! Every subscriber is entitled to be part of our online group where you can share, discuss or contribute to the MDC subscriber community. If you nailed a new recipe for your Aeropress, do share it with fellow MDC folks.

Exclusive Benefits
Don't be surprised if you receive an exclusive coffee during the duration of your subscription. We may have a bag or two in our warehouse that we will only roast for the MDC community. If that's not enough, every subscriber will have first priority for our upcoming tasting previews of new coffees.

Retail Discounts
We stock the largest variety of coffee tools, accessories and equipment. Every subscriber is entitled to a 10% off our retail store located at PULP. This discount is applicable throughout your subscription period. This discount applies to most items in PULP except for commerical machines and equipment. The retail discount membership applies from the day you sign up and pay for MDC and valid up to 3 or 6 months depending on your subscription term.