Suke Quto

Floral, Citrus, Earl Grey Tea, Peach Finish
Spicy notes, mild acidity with a Dark Chocolate finish
Stone Fruit, Juicy Body, Black-Tea Aroma, Red Grape, Sweet Long Finish


Cherry Tomato sweetness, Plum, Lime
Prunes, Cloves, Sugarcane, Juicy Plum
Plum, Red Grape, Cocoa
Green Apples, Green Tea, Orange Citrus
Red Apple, Orange Blossom, Slivered Almonds
Raisins, Ripe Pineapples, Honey
Lemon Peel, Tamarind, Honey Sweetness
Raisins, Ripe Pineapples, Honey
As part of our seasonal release for the 2017-2018, we procured a more experimental lot from the Suke Quto farm, a honey process coffee. Comprised primarily of two varietals endemic ...
White Peach, Rose, Mango
Peach, Earl Grey Tea, Citrus Finish