Papa Palheta is an independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. Our philosophy is simple, we are relentless in trying to bring out the best in the beans with our unique brewing and roasting techniques. Our roasters practise micro production methods, allowing us to be meticulous. We believe every coffee has its story so we always aim to source our beans with transparency and traceability. The profile of our coffees are tweaked and cupped to do justice to the beans and to the farmer.

Papa Palheta is the distributor of Synesso, Rocket & Marco commercial machines in Singapore and Malaysia. We also carry other coffee making equipment, accessories and maintenance tools.
Papa Palheta also drives C-Platform, an avenue where coffee enthusiasts & professionals can hone their coffee making skills. The Platform is equipped with coffee machines, gadgets & apparatus to allow one to understand and learn coffee beyond the bean. Workshops are held on weekdays & weekends.