Situated in the Oromia region, Guji Zone 320 miles south of the capital city, Addis Ababa. The Kayon ...
Spanish for “Plains of Guava”, is named after the abundance of guava trees in the region. The Do ...
The flagship Terra Firma blend is designed around the dynamic and yet fleeting nature of specialty c ...

Suke Quto

An ongoing offering in our coffee lineup. Since establishing the Suke Quto farm in 2005, Farm Owner ...
Shaped like a beehive, this stylish stainless steel kettle is perfect for coffee dripping. A long, s ...
The Bonavita variable temperature electric kettle, with a gooseneck spout designed for greater contr ...

The Tias kettle is designed to let everyone serve fri ...
Electronic multi-purpose thermo-hygrometer • For temperature and humidity measurement • Memory ...
  • gentsiacoffee High Line for a quick one. #PpPCoffeeTrails
  • rt while our Head Roaster is in the US post-#roastersguildretreat.
  • - our newest Asian coffee just hit the shelves! Teddy Somantri and Indradi Soemardjan coordinate the Javanero facility, comprising of approximately 180 smallholder farms. Leveraging on modern farming techniques and with input from the global specialty coffee industry, Javanero has been able to continuously push the quality of their coffee in many dimensions. Available in the web store and in The Annex this weekend onwards.
  • t we're learning more and more everyday. This book speeds up that process. It's available in limited quantities at The Annex!
  • e year where we celebrate coffees from the countries in the region. Follow us daily to learn more about about the three Asian coffees which we're raving about!
  • things about the thing we love to do from Chris Kornman of #RGretreat #RoastersGuild
  • oastersguild Retreat Roasting Tent! #RGretreat #RoastersGuild
  • with cupping for blends at the @roastersguild retreat! It's going to be a fun weekend! #RGretreat #RoastersGuild
  • looking mighty fine. Pick one up at The Annex.
  • tournament earlier! Cheers guys!
  • buying. It smells as good as it tastes. Limited quantities left for THE ELEPHANT BEAN set featuring the Maragogypes from the Hartmann estate.
  • eek with the Alternative Brewing Coffee workshop. Have you seen our workshops for this month yet? Head to our website to checkout the schedule.
  • offeefest feast! Thanks for everyone who made it possible!
  • folks take a break. For us, we hustle.
  • ally.
  • nleonfoo sharing about what makes specialty coffee special. Here with @audiotechnicasea and @canonsingapore today at @cshhcoffee
  • SCAE Brewing Foundation are lucky today to brew and taste our Maragogype coffees from the Hartmann farm in Panama.
  • color of the day. Swing by The Annex to grab a copy of this super useful book! It's a good holiday read or for anyone looking to setup shop.
  • Singapore! Don't stop being awesome! #SG52
  • er things in life, then swing by this Saturday with talks covering coffee, music and photography! @leonleonfoo will share his thoughts on what makes specialty coffee special. Goodies for all attendees as well. Limited slots available. RSVP via the link on our bio.